Choice Escrow & Land Title, LLC. was formed when the former closing office of a local title agency and the employees of the former First Escrow combined and brought with them hundreds of years of title and closing experience.

The orginal "Choice Escrow" was founded in 1988 by current Managing Member Paige Payne

Our title plant was established in the early 1990's and is maintained on a daily basis by downloading data from both the Greene and Christian County Courthouses. Our digital search process is extremely accurate and efficient and is all on site.

Greene County records are also maintained on microfilm which provide back up data if our server ever failed.

Choice Escrow & Land Title, LLC. has a complete staff of 12 with three full time closing agents and one full time mobile closing agent.  We provide escrow and real estate closing services, title insurance and construction disbursement. .

Here Today and Here Tomorrow.